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Intelligently manage work crews

Manage time and staff efficiently, reduce costs and improve customer service. Blockbuilder is a 360 solution to manage own and outsourced field work teams.

Optimize your processes and resources

Do not waste time or resources: The application allows you to configure different workflows, specifying an order of tasks. With this flexibility, rapid changes are implemented in operational processes.

Improve the service to your customers

Select the variables and the frequency with which you will make the reports that will allow you to make better decisions, which will translate into better customer service.

Main functionalities

  • Workflow design.
  • Control of service orders in real time.
  • Geolocation and route tracking
  • Possibility of attaching files and images from the mobile app.

Multi platform

The web application allows you to diagram the process execution workflow, create work groups and assign projects, track each operator and productivity reports, generate reports, KPIs, capacity planning, resource allocation and cost calculation.

Possibility of integration with own systems

Blockbuilder allows connecting to the client's Enterprise or core systems, integrating information from external repositories, or systems that influence daily operations, such as: CRM, Warehouse, ERP, etc.

Photographic documentation

The mobile application allows you to take images to document work purposes, problems to be solved and also attach documentation that is requested in the work order according to audit standards.

Geolocation and assignment of service orders

From the administration module you can geolocate each operator, observe the order of access to the places of destination and the work done at each node. The information is displayed on digital cartography.

Digital Channel On Cloud

Access from any mobile device to the information that will allow you to make better decisions.


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